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Potpourri Catalog

In 1963, Potpourri Catalog started as a single catalog. Over the years they acquired other catalogs and added them to the Potpourri family of catalogs.


Potpourri Catalog

In addition to the Potpourri Catalog, they now publish all of the following catalogs:

Country Store Catalog


Country Store Catalog – Clothes, home accents, clever gadgets, and cookbooks.

Catalog Favorites


Catalog Favorites – A selection of catalog best-sellers – novelty apparel, jewelry, home decor, and gifts.

North Style Catalog


NorthStyle Catalog – Women’s apparel. Featuring sweaters, jackets, skirts, shoes, sleepwear, and jewelry.

Expressions Catalog


Expressions Catalog – Jewelry, figurines, home decor, gifts, pillows, mirrors, and artwork.

Serengeti Catalog


Serengeti Catalog – Popular styles of casual sportswear. Sweaters, skirts, handbags, T-shirts, and more.

In the Company of Dogs Catalog


In The Company of Dogs Catalog – Beds, harnesses, gates, crates, feeders, toys, dog apparel and more.

Back in the Saddle Catalog


Back in the Saddle Catalog – Gifts, jewelry, collectibles, apparel and home decor for horse lovers.

Nature's Jewelry Catalog


Nature’s Jewelry Catalog – Over 1000 styles of earrings, necklaces, rings. Genuine gemstone jewelry.

Pyramid Collection Catalog


The Pyramid Collection -Gothic, Renaissance, Celtic. Fantasy-inspired clothes and jewelry.

Young Explorers Catalog


Young Explorer’s Catalog – Creative educational toys, science kits, crafts, and learning aids.

Whatever Works Catalog


Whatever Works Catalog – Clever home, garden, and personal products.

The Stichery Catalog


The Stitchery Catalog – Dedicated to needlework projects and accessories.

The Potpourri Catalog and the collection of catalogs under their umbrella, cover a huge selection of products in a wide variety of categories. Pick your favorite and start exploring today!