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Plow & Hearth Catalog

In 1980, Peter Rice, Peggy Rice, and Michael Burns established Plow & Hearth retail store in Madison, Virginia. They sent out their first catalog 1982 to 100,000 people. Today they send out over 63 million catalogs annually and are recognized as a leader in catalog mail order retailing.

Plow & Hearth sells fireplace accessories; furniture and home furnishings; and lawn and garden accessories primarily through the catalog, but they also have retail stores in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

The company also has 2 other catalogs. “Problem Solvers” catalog was established in 2001 and sells practical solutions for everyday living. “Wind & Weather” catalog joined the Plow and Hearth family in 2005 and sells indoor and outdoor weather-related instruments and gifts and elegant home and garden ornaments.

Plow and Hearth catalog offers enduring home and lifestyle products that are quality-built and guaranteed. Sustainable living and environmental awareness are central themes of the products offered by Plow and Hearth, such as composting products, non-invasive pest control, energy-saving insulated curtains and wood burning accessories. Plow and Hearth gives special consideration to those products made with environmentally friendly materials.

Plow & Hearth Catalog