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Current Catalog

Current Catalog began in 1950 in Colorado Springs. Orin and Miriam Loo. Orin Loo owned a small publishing business and his wife Miriam began a mail-order campaign to sell his postcards to church groups to use for fundraising. Her project was very successful, and they expanded began producing a mail order catalog filled with greeting cards, recipe cards, and other paper products.

Today Current USA, Inc., is a multi-brand direct marketing company with more than 2,000 products and millions of customers. Yet the company still retains its friendly family feeling. And, while they still have a fundraising division, most of their products are sold directly to consumers who enjoy keeping in touch with their family and friends. Current is your best source for unique, thoughtful, affordable gifts, warmhearted cards for everyone, and the thickest, peekproof gift wrap around.

You can find the Current Catalog on Amazon by clicking here, or you can go to their website by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. Either way, you’ll find a great selection of gifts for any occasion.

Current Catalog Website