Here’s a few questions people sometimes have about ordering from mail order catalogs or how Great Gift Catalogs can help you find your new favorite catalogs.

What is a mail order catalog?

A mail order catalog is a printed publication that features a selection of products available for purchase by mail or online.

Are mail order catalogs still popular?

While online shopping has become more popular, mail order catalogs are still used by many retailers as a way to showcase their products and reach customers with who prefer to shop by mail.

Can I order a catalog directly through the Great Gift Catalogs website?

No. We only report about catalogs and help you find them. We are not connected to any specific catalog. However, if you sign up for our free newsletter we immediately send you a list of links that go directly to the “Send me a catalog!” pages of many of the catalogs showcased on our website.

How do I request a mail order catalog?

To request a mail order catalog, visit the retailer’s website and look for a link or button to request a catalog. You may need to provide your name and address. (Get a list of direct links to several catalog’s “request-a-catalog” page by signing up for our newsletter!)

How can I place an order from a mail order catalog?

To place an order from a mail order catalog, fill out the order form included in the catalog and mail it in with payment, or order online using the retailer’s website.

How long does it take to receive an order from a mail order catalog?

Shipping times vary depending on the retailer and shipping method selected. Most orders are processed and shipped within a few days to a few weeks.

What is the return policy for mail order catalogs?

Return policies vary by retailer. Check the catalog or retailer’s website for information on their return policy.

Can I order from a mail order catalog if I live outside the United States?

Some retailers may offer international shipping, but this varies by retailer. Check the catalog or retailer’s website for information on their shipping policies.

Can I opt-out of receiving mail order catalogs?

Yes, many retailers offer an opt-out option for customers who no longer wish to receive mail order catalogs. Look for information on how to opt-out on the retailer’s website or contact the retailer’s customer service for assistance.