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Magellan’s Travel Catalog

In 1989 John and Gloria McManus started Magellan’s Travel Catalog from their kitchen table. The first catalog was printed in black and white and was only 32 pages.

John and Gloria worked for Pan Am Airways and were well aware of the inadequate supply of many essential travel supplies. John wrote detailed descriptions of their hard-to-find travel supplies and how each addressed a specific travel problem. The company grew quickly and now has over 100 employees.

Magellan’s Travel Catalog offers travel supplies such as overseas electrical adaptors, third world health and hygiene porducts like water purification and insect protection, noise reduction headphones and earphones, RFID blocking wallets and bags, money belts,comfort pillows and travel blankets, wrinkle-resistant clothing, and much more. All products offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Magellan’s Travel Catalog is a great source for unique and useful gifts.