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Sundance Catalog

In 1969 Robert Redford bought 6000 acres in the Utah mountains. He named the area Sundance after his character in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A year later he started the Sundance General Store. Sundance Catalog was started much later.

Twenty years later Redford and a small group investors decided to start a mail order catalog because customers kept writing to the store requesting items they had seen there.

The first catalog was put together in the Sundance firehouse and mailed to a relatively small group of general store customers and friends.

For each edition, Robert Redford always writes something for the inside front cover of the Sundance Catalog. In the first catalog he writes that when you buy something from the Sundance Catalog you help support “American craftspeople, the Sundance Institute for development of new artists in film, music, dance and theater, and efforts to enhance and preserve the environment.”

Sundance Catalog