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Sky Mall Catalog

The SkyMall Catalog is seen by about 88% of all domestic air passengers, more than 650 million passengers annually. SkyMall, Inc. is the parent company, a specialty publishing and marketing services firm, started in 1990.

The founders of SkyMall originally set up the company to offer merchandise from other company’s catalogs and promised same day delivery to customers landing at select airports (or to their home or office by express shipment).  By operating it’s own warehouses on the grounds of, or near, these selected airports, Skymall could make good on their promise of same day delivery.

Soon after starting, however, SkyMall purchased contracts from another company to allow them to offer SkyMall catalog merchandise to a larger number of flyers.  This shift in focus forced Skymall to abandon their same day delivery service.  It was a major setback for the young company.

Today, the SkyMall Catalog in still available on airplanes, as well as by mail. SkyMall continues to offer innovative and unique products for home, office and auto.  They offer one-of-a-kind gifts such as electronic gadgets, stuff for travel, health and wellness, and pet products.  SkyMall Catalog also has a special place in popular culture, having been parodied/revered in several movies and tv shows.

SkyMall on Amazon

The SkyMall Catalog is actually a collection of other mail-order catalogs, all in one place. They offer a same-price guarantee and all prices listed are the same as if you were shopping each catalog. SkyMall offers access to products from the Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog, Gadget Universe, The Noble Collection, Signals Catalog, Wireless Catalog and dozens of others.