There are many traditionally catalog-focused brands that also promote products from their catalogs on Amazon.

We’ve compiled a list of catalogs that maintain a Store on Amazon. You can thanks us later.

In future updates to this page we may include companies that didn’t begin with a catalog, but are still known for their unique gift catalogs. We may also introduce a new list that would include catalogs that don’t have an Amazon Store per se, but who have a big brand presence there nonetheless.

Burpee Seeds – One of the premier companies during the golden age of mail order catalogs.

Lillian Vernon – Founded in the fifties and still around today, offering a wide variety of gift-giving ideas for any occaision.

Miles Kimball – Gadgets and time-saving tools for the kitchen, around the house, or in the garden.

Current Catalog – Unique, thoughtful, affordable gifts, gift cards, and paper products for everyone.

Collections Etc. – Hard-to-find and unique products for home and garden, health and beauty, apparel and more.

Omaha Steaks – Started in 1917. One of the first companies online. You’ve probably heard of them.

SkyMall – Starting life as a catalog only available to Airline flyers, they now offer their uniquely special gifts on Amazon.

The Lakeside Collection – Housewares, furniture, apparel and more at amazing prices.

Spencer Gifts – A little risqué, but quite entertaining. You have been warned.

Woman Within – Women’s fashion catalog. Bonus late addition to this list!

Stay tuned for more additions to this list.