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Collections Etc. Catalog

Collections Etc. offers unique gifts and collectibles for holiday and special occasions. Collections, Etc. started life over 40 years ago as a solo sheet mailer. The solo sheet was accompanied by a punch card, giving the offer a sweepstakes feel. The sheet focused merchandise selection, usually complemented by a themed offer.

The cost of expanding the solo sheet format became more expensive due to repeated postage increases, so the company changed to a catalog format in 1997. Extensive experimentation was performed on the format of the catalog. The single price point format used in the catalog at the time was the result of a decision to concentrate on the ease of use for the customer.

Holiday and seasonal gifts are a mainstay of the Collections Etc. Catalog. Find unique gifts for all your friends and family, for pets, and for yourself! Find gifts for the home, collectible dolls and figurines, novelty gifts and more.

Collections Etc. (link to website)

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The Collections Etc. Family

In 2017, the Collections Etc. family grew to include Taylor Gifts Catalog as well as Better Senior Living.

And in 2020, the Johnson Smith Catalog brands were added including:

Things You Never Knew Existed Catalog
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The Lighter Side Catalog

Betty’s Attic Catalog