Some catalogs offer an “Online Catalog” as viewing option on their website.

We have compiled the list below to give you every option to shop catalogs the way you want to shop catalogs.

Please note: These options allow you to view a virtual version of the printed catalog, but sometimes it’s probably easier to browse or search the Gift Catalog websites through their standard interface to find that special gift. The online catalogs are more of a tool to visually “match up” what is seen in the printed catalog with the ordering process on the internet.

Most online catalogs try to emulate the look and feel of turning the pages. This virtual page-flipping experience is apparently quite enjoyable for a certain number of online shoppers.

If you decide to try this virtual shopping experience be aware that some of the online catalogs can be slow to load and may be taxing on slower computers, and also, that there may be a learning curve before you can get comfortable flipping the virtual pages.

Gift Catalogs That Offer a “Virtual” or “Online Catalog”

Plow & Hearth Online Catalog

Plow and Hearth Online Catalog

The online catalog system at Plow& Hearth allows you to quickly scan thumbnails to choose the catalog page, or you can use the “back” and “next” buttons on the top right. Clicking on an item opens a pop-up box with more details and a button to “Add To Basket”. Closing pop-up returns you to the catalog.

You can add an “iFlag” to mark your place and email a link to a friend that allows them to see the catalog with your iFlags included.

Plow & Hearth Online Catalog

Blair Online Catalog

Blair Online Catalog

The Blair Online Catalog uses a slider bar for page flipping. You can also navigate via thumbnails of the pages, or a “single page view”. Clicking on a product opens the product page in the same window, use back button when finished to return to virtual catalog.

Features include bookmarking, note taking, printing and ability to circle items of interest.

The link below will not take you directly to the online catalog. After clicking through to the Blair website, find the “online catalog” link in the top menu.

Blair Online Catalog

Old Pueblo Traders Online Catalog

Old Pueblo Traders Online Catalog

The online catalog at Old Pueblo Traders is built for speed. It has a “quick filp” feature and a “jumpt to page #” feature that help the reader quickly browse to a place in the catalog. Interface has options for bookmarking, making notes, printing, and…you can circle an item you like with a pen tool!

Clicking on an item will take you to the product page on the Old Pueblo Traders website. The product page opens in the same window, so to get back to the catalog you must use the back button.

Old Pueblo Online Catalog

Online Catalogs at Sears

Sears Virtual Catalog

Sears offers “Virtual Catalogs” in various categories. Classic Sears catalogs you remember, now in virtual form.

After following the link provided here, you may have to scroll down a little to see the available catalog choices. Click on one of the catalog covers to access the “Virtual Catalog”. You may not arrive at the virtual catalog on the first click. Just click the image when you see the front cover of the catalog you want to access. You will know that you are in the virtual catalog when the screen turns blue and the page begins to load.

The virtual catalogs at Sears have an overlay that allows ordering directly. Clicking on an item in the online catalog will open the product page for that item in a separate tab or window.

Online Catalog at Chefs Catalog

Chefs Catalog - Online Catalog
The E-Catalog incorporated into the Chef’s Catalog website allows direct ordering and pop-up product information from a virtual version of their printed catalog. Page flipping is accomplished via the control bar at the top. Click on the image or product number you want to open a separate tab connecting you to the product order page.

Interface also allows you to bookmark, make notes attached to certain products, and print.